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Meet Jeff Combs - A Remarkable Warrior

Jeff Combs United States Marine Corps, Sergeant E-5: Injured in Iraq - 2006
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Swett & Crawford, A CGSC Company, has been a conscientious corporate citizen with their brokers and employees making considerable contributions both financially and voluntarily. They have worked closely with Military organizations to sponsor events, programs and fundraises for active duty service members, veterans, first responders and their families. These contributions have led to the branded name Swett Warriors.

Warrior: Chris Melendez

Meet Chris Melendez - An Unbelievable Warrior

Chris Melendez Corporal E4, United States Army, Injured in Iraq - 2006
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Swett Warriors

Stories of inspiration, determination and courage.

To American heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice; to the Medal of Honor recipients who wrote the book on American courage; to the brave injured men and women who come home with their lives irreparably changed but without bitterness; and to the troops on active duty who put their lives on the line for the freedom it affords all of us – Swett Warrior Weekend was a time for Swett & Crawford, our Insurance partners, honored guests and friends to salute you, revere you, and thank you.  Your courage and conviction make us profoundly grateful.

In 1999, the Fort Worth Airpower Council created the Fort Worth Airpower Foundation, a non-profit foundation to raise money in support of United States military and their families.  10 years ago, Sky Ball was debuted as Airpower’s premier fundraiser and later partnered with American Airlines.  Over the years, Sky Ball has grown to a National level, raising more than $3,500,000 at last year’s event.  The proceeds help countless military members through organizations such as Freedom Flight, Snowball Express, Gary Sinise Foundation, and many more.  To learn more about Sky Ball 2013 and to purchase tickets, visit skyballinfo.com.

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Happy Veterans Day

November 11, 2013

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” -Elmer Davis On this Veterans Day and throughout the year,



"Thank you for including me and my husband, Gary, in the Swett Warrior weekend in Las Vegas in January. We had a wonderful time and were honored to meet so many incredible people.

The accommodations at the Cosmopolitan were first class. Everything was so comfortable and convenient and the accessible room was great for our specific needs.

We enjoyed the entertainment, shows, fellowship and the food was fantastic. The Gala was a night we will long remember. It was our pleasure to meet and have conversations with many Swett and Crawford employees and partners. We felt their gratitude as we talked. For me, it's not so much what people do, it's knowing they care and have respect for the sacrifices the warrior and the family has made that gives me strength.

All I have said earlier, you probably knew. The smiling faces of the guests probably gave this all away. I want to share a couple of stories of what you may not know. I share these so you will know your hard work continues to give, even in ways you may not have planned or known.

My husband, Gary, was the Swett Warrior who had the opportunity to walk in the exoskeleton at the Gala. It was a very exciting time during the Gala. I wish I could describe how it feels to see my husband stand and walk. To see him tall and moving is literally a priceless gift for me and my children. I catch myself watching the video of him walking over and over. Our daughter called the other day to tell me she had just watched it again. Thank you for your part in making this happen.

During the trip to Creech Air Force Base, one of the Sweet Warriors, an amputee, approached my husband to have a conversation with him. They had never met prior to the Swett Warrior event. The warrior told Gary he would not be walking today if it weren't for a video his physical therapist had shown him during his rehabilitation. The video was of Gary who is a paraplegic. We're not sure what video it was, but whatever they found on YouTube motivated this warrior to do what he needed to do to make the most of his new and different life. There is a bond between these warriors, sometimes with someone they have never met, but they truly need each other. To bring them together, is doing great work.

I had a special treat the night of the Gala. I feel a little selfish about this but will share anyway. :) I felt so spoiled because I was able to get ready in our room (after I treated myself to a makeup session in the salon) and simply get in an elevator and go to the Gala. Normally, I would be wrangling a 300 pound wheelchair in and out of vehicle, moving and setting up ramps to navigate it into the back of an SUV and assisting my husband in and out. I felt like the belle of the ball because I got to choose and wear a dress without having to consider these responsibilities.

Simply said, "Y'all ROCK!" We truly enjoyed our time, felt loved and appreciated. We are blessed.


Mari Linfoot"

Mari Linfoot